Ford F150 Raptor V6 24v 3,5 Ecoboost Ziptuning Performance

Because this car is more widley sold outside Sweden, we choose to write this blog post in English. This H.O output Ford 3.5L V6 ecoboost engine equiped in the Raptor is allready powerful as is but we at Ziptuning always think powerful can be even more powerful. It has a smooth electronic 10-speed transmission with tow mode for heavy loads. Compression ratio is 10.0:1 and it has both port injection and direct injection to feed those two turbos. So what have Ziptuning been up to? Well since the ECU is not possible to alter with an traditional OBD flash tune we decided to contact an old friend who has been in the electronic world for a long long time.  Our advanced piggyback box with some serious process power came to life and after some extended research and testing we find some settings that was really nice for this engine. Our test F150 Raptor produced  400bhp and 537nm of tourqe at our advanced Superflow dyno in its stock mode. After 2 days of testing and calibration we managed to put out 100hp and 160nm of tourqe on top its stock power. Do we need to say its badass nowdays? This is something we are very proud of and at this time we are looking on the possibilitys of mass producing these piggybacks for you customers and make a nice installation video to go along with it.

More information will follow the next weeks, but for now we are very busy packing this product and make it avaible!

For our swedish readers and customer:

Vill du vara värre än värst ringer du på 070-7902629 och bokar din modul, ett begränsat antal kommer finnas tillgängligt till oss i Sverige resten går "tyvärr" till ÚSA.



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